Copy Mode

Change the copy mode of DivMagic. There are two options: Exact Copy and Adaptable Copy.

Default Value: Adaptable Copy

We highly recommend using 'Adaptable' Copy for most use-cases. See the explanation below for more details.

Copy Mode

Adaptable Copy

Adaptable copy mode is DivMagic's innovative approach to capturing web elements in a way that's optimized and ready for integration into your projects.

Designed to be the default option, it's recommended for a wide range of use cases due to its intelligent style optimization.

Using the Adaptable copy mode might occasionally result in styles that look slightly different from the source. However, this deviation is intentional.

DivMagic aims to provide an output that's not just a direct copy, but an improved and adaptable version of the original. It gives you a foundation to build upon, rather than a rigid style to work around.

How does it work?

Instead of capturing every single style attribute associated with an element, Adaptable mode performs an analysis of the styles and selectively retains only those necessary.

This results in a cleaner, more compact, and manageable code output.

The goal of DivMagic is to make your development process significantly easier and faster. Adaptable copy mode is a key part of that.


Optimized Output: Reduces the overall code volume, making it easier for you to customize the output for your own needs.

Exact Copy

Exact mode provides a rigid copy of styles. It's built for use cases where you need to capture every single style attribute associated with an element.

In cases where Adaptable Copy mode is not producing the desired output, you can try using Exact Copy mode.

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